Rino Rizzato was born in Treviso (Italy).
He studied Organ and Composition for Organ (A. Boccardo), Composition (W. Dalla Vecchia), Piano (M. Memo) at the State Conservatories of Venice and Padua, earning a degree in Organ, Composition for Organ and Composition.
He took a specialisation in Organ Interpretation at the "Accademia Musicale Chigiana" of Siena (F. Germani) with scholarship and "Diploma di Merito" at the "Hochschûle fur Musik F. Liszt" in Wéimar (J. E. KôhIer) with "Aktiv Diplom", at the "Academie d'Interpretation d'Orgue" in Romainrnotier-Lausanne, (G. Bovet, L. Rogg) and at tbe "Academie Internationale de Musique Ancienne en Occitaine" in Montpellier (A. Heudron).
He also attended International Seminars in Organ Interpretation (L. F. Tagliavini, H. Vogel, M. Chapuis, A. Heiller, etc.) and International Seminars in Composition and research on musical language.
He has played in important Festivals and organistic gatherings in different countries (Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria) and prestigious festival: “Settembre Internazionale d’Organo” of Venezia, “Internationale Salzburger Orgelkonzerte” of Salzburg (a lot of times), “Semana Internacional de Organo” of Madrid, “Französische Kirche Orgelkonzerte” of Berne, “Konzerte in der Marktkirche”, of Hannover “Konzerte in der St. Michaelskirche” of Munchen, “Concerts de la Cathédrale” of Bruxelles, “Orgelkonzerte zu St. Peter und Paul” of Zurich, Konzerte in der Heiliggeistkirche” of Heidelberg, “Festival Antegnati” of Brescia, “Concertos de Organo” of Sevilla, “Orgelkonzerte in der St. Nikolai Hauptkirche” of Hamburg, “A Budavàri Nagyboldogasszony Matyàs Templom Vasàrnapi Orgonaestèi” of Budapest, “Orgelkonzerte in der P. Gerhardtkirche” of Berlin, Medzinàrodný Festival” of Kosice (Slovakia Republic), “Mezinànarodnì Varhannì Festival” di Olomouc (Czech Republic) etc., and his performances were object of several radio and TV recordings.
Recently he has take a important tournée of concerts in Ukraine and in USA.
He has played with choir, orchestra and chamber formations too.
He take "masterclasses" for the interpretation of the Italian organ music in Italy and in others countries.
He is Professor of Organ and Composition for Organ at the State Conservatory of music "C. Pollini" in Padua.
He has been member of commission in Organ Competitions.
He is member of the artistic direction of "Ars Organi" of Venice.
He is also expert about problems of the history of the art of organbuilding. He know (because he has visited them) a lot of organs of the best arganbuilders of the Europe (of the history and modern). He is consultant for restoration and construction of organs in the area of Padua and Treviso.
Amongst his compositions for organ: "Urdoxa" (1974), "Contrapunctum" (1976) "Toccata in Do Diesis" (1984), "Fantasia - Hommage à J. S. Bach -" (1985), "Tema e Variazioni - Omaggio a Rossini -" (1992), "Introduzione e Toccata" (1994), "Jeux des Jeux" (1997), "Toccata su Ite Missa Est" (1999) etc..

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